About Us

Welcome to: the Kross Group


The Kross Group, is an international multi-media venture capital conglomerate company and the parent company to all Kross Companies. Our sole purpose as the parent company is to develop and maintain the investment aspects for all Kross Companies. While, simultaneously focusing all new investment activities on starting, promoting, establishing, and expanding new or pre-existing Kross Companies. We invest in knowledge to ensure the best pay in interest, thus giving the least risk at the highest return.

As a privately held company, our dedicated team ensures that all investments are made with precision in conjunction with our mission statement. Which, respectively focuses in entertainment and media, what we do best. At The Kross Group, we believe in the persuit of dreams, by the power of knowledge, passion, and persistance.


The Kross Group was founded by Mr. PhiLL Kross+. Today, Mr. Kross+ still resides as the Founder/CEO and continues to over see all aspects of The Kross Group. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Kross+ is always on the look out for innovative ideas that will travel far and play wide. If you would like to get involved in an investment opportunity, or have an innovative concept, please drop us a line. Enlighten us with your innovation(s), or let The Kross Group illuminate you, (Contact Us).